Stone Veneers: A luxurious finish to your home’s interior decor

Stone veneers have a history almost as long as humanity’s – the pyramids in Giza once sparkled a bright white thanks to polished Tura limestone veneers, and the Colosseum in Rome was decked out in decadent marble.

The look has always denoted a feeling of luxurious indulgence – and has carried on through the centuries as a favourite material of designers and architects.

However, adding geologic glamour to a home has long been a challenge. The high price of having heavy raw materials delivered, combined with the extra fees of having skilled labourers cut and install it safely, once made the aesthetic a cost-prohibitive one to achieve.

Some companies tried to take advantage of the market gap by offering DIY-friendly faux stone veneers, but they have never been able to replicate the look and feel of real stone.

However, Platinum Stone Design offers consumers an affordable, stylish solutiuon with our highly extensive selection of interior stone panels and tiles are adaptable for muiltiple uses, including fireplaces, accent walls, kitchens, bathrooms, backsplashes, planters, wine cellars, and more -and are diverse enough to fit into any decor scheme – rustic or contemporary,classic or modern. Whether you want a stone fireplace surrounded by country ledge stone or you want to add warmth and character with a textured accent wall, stone effects provide a soothing environment.

Those with a flair for the dramatic, or those looking to add a unique feature or focal point to their home would be hard pressed to find anything more standout than stunning stone veneers.

A fireplace or a 60sq. ft. wall can be installed within hours, and – factoring in drying time afterwards – most projects can be done in a day.

Why delay turning your home into a showpiece your friends and neighbours will envy? Contact us to discuss your interior design needs today!