Aim High and Create Your Dream Landscape!

It’s spring and you’re ready to start landscaping your backyard! You have called every contractor, responded to every ad, and still unable to find the right provider.   This close to planting season many contractors are unavailable and are booked many months ahead of time, so don’t wait until it’s too late!

Don’t be stuck waiting for a phone call from a second rate company.  Start early, do your homework, and chose the contractor that’s right for YOU.  Make sure that you have a realistic budget and some idea about what you want your home and garden to look like BEFORE you begin calling potential landscapers, this will save both you and them time and avoid headaches.

It is important to have a basic idea of what type of landscaping features you would like to see in your space before you begin searching for contractors.  Do you wish to install an outdoor fireplace or water feature? What about flowers and planters? Take a piece of paper, grab a coffee and spend some time sketching out ideas.  You will be surprised at how much this will aid in the landscaping process.  Landscaping companies charge for every official design plan they create for a customer, and being sure about what you want from the get-go will save you both time and money!