Are DIY reality shows always installing correctly?

It’s great to see DIY landscaping shows popping up all over television.  These new types of shows are getting a lot of attention, and homeowners are eager to educate themselves on everything from installation methods to the “do’s” and “don’ts” of landscaping. But is this information correct? Are we really getting good advice from the media?

Recently I met with a very nice couple that had called me looking for expertise on a landscape project they were planning.  They began by explaining their needs and expectations for the project, which were well thought out and modest.  One of the issues that has surfaced were permits.

The clients had seen a project on a DIY television show that they were eager to try.  Unfortunately they were unaware that on their type of property a permit was needed.  I had brought this to their attention and soon the matter was resolved.  This goes to show that it is important to look into the details of a landscaping project before jumping into the physical work.  And the right contractor is your Fairy Godmother when it comes to this.