Why Choose Interlock?

When investing in your property, you want to choose a paving material that can stand up to Canada’s winter weathers, require minimal maintenance, be the most cost-effective (long term), provide durability, look it’s best and add value to your investment.

  • Interlocking pavers will do just that, because pavers are individual stones, the natural joints between each pavers will “give” with pressure, expansion and contraction, eliminating the cracking as you would experience with asphalt and concrete pavement.
  • Paving stones are one of the strongest paving materials and can withstand heavy weight load.
  • Stone pavers may be used immediately after installation, unlike concrete or asphalt that require days to cure.
  • Stone pavers tend to come with long term warranty.

One the biggest advantage of using stone pavers is that if a repair ever does become necessary from example oil spills in your driveway or city repairs, pavers can therefore be easily replaced without leaving ugly patches or mix matched colors.

Paving stones come in a wide variety of surface finishes, colors and shapes that will compliment your style and can provide you with a more custom design.

Concrete/asphalt will crack at some point in time, some causes of cracking are freezing, thawing, changes in weather or when the base moves due to heavy loads or settlement . Concrete tends to shrink over time, fade or flake if choosing stamped concrete. Unfortunately to repair this usually requires the entire structure to be replaced as color matching to the existing is nearly impossible. Not to mention that stamped concrete needs to be sealed evey fall to have protectionTherefore will cost you more in the long term.